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When Your Brakes Fail You

Your brake system is essential to keeping you safe on the road, so you need a brake mechanic you can trust. In Tempe, AZ, drivers call the professionals at TMC Auto Repair for all their brake repair and maintenance needs. How do you know if you need a brake inspection? We’re glad you asked. Does it take longer for your car to stop? Does it feel like you must press harder on your brake pedal? Is your check engine light on? All of these indicate a brake problem may be to blame. Audible signs like grinding noises or squealing sounds should also tip you off that it’s time for a new set of brake pads. Spongy brakes and having your vehicle pull to one side while braking is also warning signs. So, what should you do? Call on your trusted friends at TMC Auto Repair! We’ll run check engine light diagnostics and do a visual inspection to uncover the truth. Our team is well-versed in all makes and models and will give your vehicle the attention it deserves. We provide world-class brake repair services so you can stop when needed.